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About Mahji


Mahji, is your beacon to transformation and empowerment. With over two decades of leadership and change experience, she's here to lead you from life's setbacks to self-empowerment. Mahji's empathetic approach and practical tools empower individuals at the crossroads of self-discovery. She'll help you find purpose amidst rejections and setbacks, offering insights into emotional balance, self-love, and spiritual awakening. As the founder of Inspire to Empower, Mahji is devoted to helping you trust yourself, be authentic and embrace your own path. With a diverse range of qualifications, she equips you with tools to navigate challenges and foster an empowered mindset. Mahji's commitment to your transformation, backed by her proven track record in driving positive change within twelve weeks, makes her your trusted partner in personal development. With her guidance, you can reclaim your power, navigate uncharted paths, and live an authentic, empowered life - transforming the way you think, feel, and be.

Together, we will bridge the gap between intention and action, granting yourself the permission to thrive and succeed.  I wholeheartedly commit to accompanying you on the journey from where you currently stand to where you envision yourself to be.


Qualifications & Training 

  • Qualified Personal Performance Coach 

  • Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • DISC Profiling Accredited

  • Harmonizing - Emotional Wellbeing

  • Training in Coaching in Education - Teachers, Students, Parents

  • Certified Agile Coaching Professional

Discussion Between Students
Life coaching

Continued Professional Diplomas

  • Confidence Coaching

  • Resilience Coaching

  • Reinvention Coaching

  • Mindfulness

  • Transactional Analysis and Coaching

  • Neuroscience and Coaching

  • Foundation in Counselling - Person Centred

  • Family and Relationship Counselling

  • Law of Attraction - Basic Practitioner

COE Qualified Provider CE33031.png

Mahji, has been benchmarked against best practice across in  all areas of business and can guarantee that the coaching provision delivered will be the best that can be offered not only now, but in the future too.

The accreditation allows Inspire to Empower to offer, to those who need them, CPD points/certificates and demonstrates commitment to delivering a high quality, reliable and consistent learning experience, verification of client's satisfaction while remaining relevant and displaying an elevated level of business credibility and reputation.



Empowering teams to self-organise through creating a psychologically safe, purpose led positive inclusive culture for them to thrive. Managing their performance to deliver results.

Strategic Planning

With a systems thinking approach, turning ideas and visions into actionable steps with clear end goals and timeline for completion. Inspecting, adapting and seeking feedback for continuous innovation. Designing and developing solutions to meet needs. 

Building Capability

Knowledge and practical application of learning and development theories, models and practises, designing and delivering tailored solutions to build skills for the future.

Managing Change 

Embedding new ways of working whilst managing wellness and work/life balance, supporting individuals and teams through times of significant change

Building Relationships

Building and maintaining collaborative trusted partnerships aligned to future goals, with proven ability to communicate to wide range of audiences, unlocking great experiences

Professional Development

Coaching and mentoring the self growth of individuals, from CV Writing to interpersonal interview skills to support in achieving professional career goals. Within 6 - 8 months have progressed into more fulfilling roles. 

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