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Be You Programme

Client Stories

As a coach, I am driven by a deep passion for empowering others and facilitating transformative journeys. Building authentic and transparent relationships with my clients is a cornerstone of my approach. The testimonials below provide a glimpse into the experiences of individuals who have embarked on the 'Be You' program, and their stories serve as a testament to the profound impact it has had on their lives. I invite you to explore these stories and reach out to me today to begin your own transformative journey.

Female Model





Mahji created a nuturing safe space that focused on tangible actions and continuous improvement.


It’s allowed me to explore all aspects of myself and has resulted in an undeniable shift in my mindset.  Over the past 10 weeks I’ve learnt useful methods to rebalance, focus and how to continuously work on being my authentic self. 

For me, this course was less about why I am the way I am and more so about accepting the good the bad and the ugly. I’ve learnt how to leverage all these qualities and understand that every characteristic plays a useful role.

This process has been so empowering - I cannot recommend Mahji or the course enough!

I signed up to the programme during a stressful and uncertain time for me - I had disruption and anxiety in all areas of my life. It seemed like a way I might be able to gain a little more control over the feelings I felt that were derived from the challenges I was facing.

It enabled me to learn to take time for myself every week, even just an hour, to truly reflect and look at my past, present and future and I was feeling so negative and overwhelmed that I had little else to try.

The sessions enabled me to stop and be present, reflect on the things I was going through and the actions I could take to manage challenges - with the core goal being to find the positivity from the things that make me happy, even if I was not aware of what those things were.

I think this is a journey of self discovery, rather than a normal kind of therapy. I often looked to external things or people to find happiness instead of looking at myself and the things I enjoyed most about life previously.

Father and Children

MALE 30's
17 Year Career

Eye Opening 



24 year career




Throughout the weeks, I definitely noticed a change in my thinking and how I was feeling which was due to the sessions and the work I was doing in between on affirmations. 

At the end I looked back and realised that I had come a long way on my journey as I'm now feeling more positive and accepting of who I am and what I have to offer.  This has in turn helped increase my confidence.  


I would certainly recommend this programme to anyone wanting to uncover their true self and build on their natural skills that may be hidden.


It's helped make me think in a different way which means I feel more powerful and ready for any challenges that may come my way. 


I signed up for the programme as I felt lost & was lacking confidence to change direction.

The Programme has allowed me to STOP & reflect on my life, understand why certain situations happened and although the situations were not ideal at the time, they taught me some valuable life lessons that until I completed the programme I had not been aware of. 

Before the programme I knew that I wanted to make changes but felt like it wasn’t the right time, I also lacked confidence through imposter syndrome.  


During the programme I started to notice changes to my confidence levels and also way of thinking, I was a lot more positive & kind to myself. After the first 3 sessions I applied for a new job (promotion) which I was successful with obtaining.

After the programme I am using key tools that I have gained during the programme to keep me on track, I’m making more time for myself & prioritising what is important (me) 

The programme would benefit others that are keen to develop themselves & are open to self-disclosure.

Image by Julia Caesar

FEMALE 40's 




Transform The Way You Think, Feel and Be Today


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